Samantha Ettus Interviews Nobu Restaurateur Richie Notar

Richie Notar’s rise from busboy to one of the most highly respected hoteliers and restaurateurs is a tale of hard work, mentors and drive. As the Managing Partner of Nobu restaurants, Richie Notar has overseen the opening of 19 Nobu restaurants worldwide. He began his career as a busboy at Studio 54 and grew under the wing of nightlife impresario Steve Rubell. He continues to thrive as an entrepreneur, all while maintaining a devotion to delivering the world’s leading customer service experience and that is why I am Obsessed with Richie Notar.


3 Responses to “Samantha Ettus Interviews Nobu Restaurateur Richie Notar”

  1. RestaurantZoom Says:

    The interview is great and Richie makes a fantastic subject. His story should inspire everyone to strive to achieve their very best in all situations.

  2. James Kohn Says:

    I can’t believe I sat through this whole thing, but it was that good. Entertaining yet very informative. Richie echoes so many of my sentiments about the customer experience. Well worth watching in it’s entirety. - James Kohn, the Customer Service Guy

  3. David Siteman Garland Says:


    Great interview…always great to hear from entrepreneurs.

    Especially in this economy, anyone moving and shaking in the restaurant industry is excellent.

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