Samantha Ettus interviews star chef Marcus Samuelsson

Behind the tide of African cuisine making its way to the menus of top American eateries is the vision and talent of Ethiopian born, Swedish raised, American star, Marcus Samuelsson. Samuelsson was the youngest chef to earn three stars in the history of the New York Times, after he took the helm of Aquavit in New York.

He won the distinguished James Beard award for Rising Star Chef and then Best Chef in New York. People Magazine named him one of the most eligible bachelors and he is now married to model Gate (Maya) Haile. Samuelsson has hosted two TV shows, authored three cookbooks including the soon to be released The Soul of a New Cuisine, has his own line of cookware and a first-of-its-kind deal to create coffee blends for Starbucks. He is a critical force in shaping the cuisine around us and that is why I’m Obsessed with Marcus Samuelsson.


3 Responses to “Samantha Ettus interviews star chef Marcus Samuelsson”

  1. Niclas Johansson Says:

    Nice to see coverage of an inspiring Swedish food entrepreneur. Awesome job Marcus!!

    Keep your eyes open for new exciting food concepts… *hint hint*

  2. Harrison Painter Says:

    Great show!

    Marcus, your authenticity and passion really show! The next time I am in New York you can count on me finding you at Auqavit to feed my obsession for great food with the chef’s tasting menu!

    What I find special about Obsessed is that feeling like you are listening to an intimate conversation and really getting to know the guest on a different level than what most shows allow.

    Keep up the fantastic work Samantha! LOVE IT!!!

  3. des Says:


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