Samantha Ettus interviews CNN’s Ali Velshi

“Business is about people taking their passions and investing their time and money in something they really believe in.”

As traditional news outlets suffer the fate of auto, music, and publishing industries, Ali Velshi stands out as the new model of media. While his rise from Toronto-based local news reporter to CNN chief business correspondent is traditional, his “all platform” approach to news delivery and his understanding that his audience wants media delivered in an accessible form makes him a transformational figure in his field.

Based on his clear vision of the future, he is deep into execution mode while most of news media is still scratching their heads and losing market share and that is why I’m obsessed with Ali Velshi.


5 Responses to “Samantha Ettus interviews CNN’s Ali Velshi”

  1. Rick Martinez Says:

    Ali Velshi rocks!!! He speaks very well and gets straight to the point. I’ve watched him many times on the reality show he participated in and he was extremely motivating to watch.

    If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch him in action please take the time. You can truly see his dedication to his work.

    ~ Rick

  2. Mike D Says:

    This guy speaks really well. He can hold a conversation better then I ever seen anyone do.

  3. nikki meek Says:

    Love this man!

  4. Rob Simon Says:

    Another great interview Sam!! This guy rules! - @robsimon7

  5. Kennyette Says:

    Ali Velshi is fantastic, and he is soooo easy on the eyes!! :o)

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