Samantha Ettus interviews veteran sports anchor Len Berman

“It wasn’t fun doing my job the last six months.”

When Len Berman was let go as the evening sports anchor on WNBC in New York after 27 years, it was a shock to his colleagues and fans. During his tenure at NBC he became beloved for his congenial nature and his Spanning the World segments. Len is an expert storyteller who put his full energy into every broadcast and that is why I’m Obsessed with Len Berman.


6 Responses to “Samantha Ettus interviews veteran sports anchor Len Berman”

  1. matt m Says:

    I never took Berman for a pinky ring guy.

  2. Mike White Says:

    I miss you Len. When you talk about cliches and why you never used them, it makes me think of Lolita Lopez at channel 11. She uses them endlessly. You were always number one.

  3. Kathryn Says:

    LOVE Len! I used to pitch him stories when I was young and in public relations. Always SO nice. Loved Spanning the World. Just talking the other day about how lucky NBC is to have this gem…not the same without Len!

  4. Ken Says:

    Len’s daily email newsletter is a reasonable substitute for the sports pieces he used to do on Channel 4. The Berman wit is still there, as is the lack of cliches. And he can’t be fired from it by bottom-line-obsessed station execs.

  5. Steve Says:

    Great Interview!

  6. Jessie Says:

    Lolita Lopez should never even be compared to Len. That is an insult to him.

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