Samantha Ettus interviews entrepreneur and TV star Bethenny Frankel

Fans of the The Real Housewives of New York City who enjoy the sharp wit and scathing tongue of Bethenny Frankel would be surprised to know that the reality of Bethenny is her entrepreneurship and drive for success.

She parlayed her apartment based cookie business into a role on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, where she came in runner-up and enjoyed her first taste of fame. Now the central figure in Bravo’s Real Housewives series, Bethenny has capitalized on her reality fame by instantly hitting the New York Times bestseller list with her first book Naturally Thin and launching a successful line of baked goods, liquor and clothing.

Bethenny is an entrepreneur with extraordinary drive and instinct and that is why I’m Obsessed with Bethenny Frankel.



25 Responses to “Samantha Ettus interviews entrepreneur and TV star Bethenny Frankel”

  1. Krista Says:

    Interesting interview. Over the past few that I have watched, I am noticing that Samantha is hard to hear in comparison to her guests. Samantha, it’d be great if you could speak up a bit!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Absolutely loved this interview. She’s a great guest! Great job Samantha!

  3. Brad Coughlin Says:

    I liked this person the most from Real Housewives of NYC. Nice interview!

  4. Ellen Fox Says:

    Definitely the reason to watch Real Housewives, Bethenny is so enjoyable. I love your honesty(at any cost), I love the way you reacted to the strange verbal attack by the Real Housewife Kelly, I love the way you impersonate your friends to a “t”, and I relate to your lack of tolerance for any boo-hoo poor me attitude. Life is too short!
    I have recently started a metal-smithing/jewelry-making thing because I saw a necklace I liked, and wanted it in gold, but didn’t want to pay so much for it, so I learned how to make it myself. Now my friends buy all my jewelry. Your Pashmina story rang a bell.
    Thanks for the thoroughly enjoyable interview.

  5. Jessie Says:

    Sam, This was your best interview yet! I love that Obsessed is growing from a program about fascinating people to you actually scooping news. I’m sending this to all of my friends. Watch out Baba Wawa!

  6. Katarina Says:

    Loved this interview! I absolutely love Bethenny from RHONYC, and I loved your interview questions, Samantha!! I had no idea about the paschmina princess, so that was a new detail to hear. I am getting a copy of Naturally Thin right now! Congrats again.

  7. Heather Says:

    I loved this episode! It was great to hear some stories from Bethenny that I haven’t heard in other, shorter, more controlled interviews. I also liked that she was allowed to talk so much and run with the questions!

  8. Anna Tausend Says:

    That was an absolute *Blast! Great Fun, girls ~ thx for the delightful moments of laughter!

  9. Sugar Jones Says:

    Okay, Bethenny is my all time fave Housewife… even though she’s not one. Maybe that’s why I love her so much. She’s the person we all need to stay true to in our hearts.

    Awesome raw honesty. Loved what she had to say. I love this interview and the whole Obsessed TV concept. That it’s connected to Gary Vee is no surprise. Love him!

  10. JoEllen Says:

    Bethenny has got to get her own show!!! It would be a huge success! The best interview of hers that I’ve ever seen. Great job Samantha and, of course, Bethenny!

  11. RHNY fan Says:

    Katrina Bethenny has a facebook page and if you want your copy of her book autographed just check out what you need to do.
    Real housewives of NY is the best hour of TV. These gals are too outragious.

  12. Stay Gold Says:

    I loved it! I’m obsessed with Bethenny, I think she is FANTASTIC. Naturally Thin is my new bible, and overall I just find her so inspiring and witty and hilarious. Such a fan!!!

  13. Sarah Says:

    Bethenny is a remarkable woman. I am constantly impressed by her charm and wit. She is my favorite Real House Wife by far. I appreciate her drive and determination and the fact that she built herself up from nothing. If there were a Team Bethenny (as there is a Team Jill) I would join in a heartbeat!

  14. Sharon G CTHousewife Says:

    I have seen my interviews Bethenny has done and this is by far the best. Perhaps the reason why is because you are a real interviewer, Samantha. You are much better than most of those I have seen on prime time TV! I’ve shared the video with other Bethenny fans.

  15. Rosy Villa Says:

    Cool interview-she was awesome, so much fun to watch and listen.:)

  16. janice Says:

    This was great. I love how Bethenny was open and honest. A book on her business advise would be great. It is amazing how you have made it on your own and keep pushing yourself. You are my favorite on NY housewives. I wish you would do a book signing in SC. I follow you on Twitter and keep hoping you will announce that you are coming. I have not seen this show live, but Samantha did an excellent job with the interview. It was well done and you gave Bethenny time to answer the questions and time to actually talk. I really enjoyed the show. Will definitely look it up to see when it airs locally. Great job ladies.

  17. Eileen Says:

    I love Bethany’s raw nature, energy and the statement that it is not just the journey but the destination. Also, her honesty that not all women have those little cocktail groups/girl’s night outs and all. I am an only child/do not connect with family as well and can already understand her feeling that she never wanted to sell out. I relate to her determination and nature of always thinking and wanting to be something great. I am glad i came acrosee the inerview Samantha.

  18. Maria Young Says:

    Did Bethany react badly when her father died he was relatively young and did she know how ill he was, or care

  19. Cathy Ross Says:

    Sam,awesome interview!! Bethenny,you are smart,successful, beautiful and funny as hell and the reason I watch NYC Housewives.Much success to you.I wish I had a best friend like you.

  20. Emily Says:

    AH.MAZ.ING Interview! Thank you, Sam and Bethenny!!

    Bethenny has such captivating and unique personal insight into overcoming a myriad of trials and tribulations in life! It was a blessing to hear more of her story and advice; and your questions were superb, Sam.

    Speaking of her personal experiences, Bethenny ignited a HUGE Oprah-esque “ah-ha moment” for me for which I will be forever changed and grateful…

    Again, thank you Sam for being the fabulous facilitator of this funny, inspiring and insightful interview! And, Bethenny thank you for - above all - your honesty and hilarity :) This interview made my day! Best To You Both!

  21. Kelly Fan Says:

    She’s selfish, self-serving, manipulative, and no-good. Doesn’t care who she hurts, and only cares about #1…Bethenny!!!

  22. Chris Says:

    Great, great interview! - and laugh-out-loud funny in spots. Thank you, Sam, for letting Bethenny talk without interruption.

  23. Special Says:

    I like Bethenny. It’s nice to see that she is able to be confident without being self absorbed. I think what Kelly hates is that she can see Bethenny’s strengths and identifies them as weaknesses in herself. In my opinion, Kelly should not be on the show primarily because her children will see this, (should children watch their parents do drugs?).

  24. Keah Says:

    Just watched both Kelly and Bethennys interviews and if Bravo or anyone associated with production cannot see Kellys progression from then up and till now of her mental state then I really am questioning their mentality. It is not funny it is sad and I truly think Bravo should and will be held accountable when Kelly spirals completely out of control. Mark my words Bravo it is not if she hurts herself or someone else it is when!. As for Bethenny, what can I say, but Just a PURE CLASS ACT. She is so refreshing and makes me feel great after watching her.

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