Samantha Ettus interviews chef Ming Tsai

Ming Tsai parlayed his early passion for food into an extraordinary talent as the most renowned East-West chef in America. After launching his Wellesley, MA based Blue Ginger restaurant, Ming added TV to the mix as the host of East Meets West on the Food Network, for which he won an Emmy Award. He then created PBS’ Simply Ming, now in its sixth season, authored three cookbooks, launched his own line of cooking products at Target, and in 2000 was featured on People magazine’s Most Beautiful People list. Most recently, he pioneered a groundbreaking food allergy law. He is not only a rare talent, but he has an extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit, transforming his own brand into a culinary empire and that is why I’m Obsessed with Ming Tsai.



18 Responses to “Samantha Ettus interviews chef Ming Tsai”

  1. Don Humphrey Says:

    One of the nicest guys in the food business. I loved the interview!

  2. Amy Says:

    craving a meal at Blue Ginger now. great interview!

  3. Murthy Says:

    Great interview. It was very nice to get to Know Ming Tsai. Keep up with the good work!

  4. TheLukas Says:

    What a great guest.
    Full of stories and happiness and passion for what he does.
    Exactly the sort of guess i like on Obsessed.
    Very interesting indeed.
    Probably 3rd favorite guest so far.

  5. Alex Shalman Says:

    Next time I’m in Boston, I’m going out of my way to visit Ming and eat his food. Sounds like a GEM.

  6. Amy Doebler Says:

    I love Simply Ming. What a great interview. :)

  7. Bluna53 Says:

    Very intersting show. Jam packed with inspiration.

  8. Donna Mega Says:

    Ming Tsai is the greatest. I’ll have to watch more Obsessed TV now that GV had a baby and isn’t in any rush to pump out any WL episodes.

  9. Chris Says:

    Wonderful ! Ive been OBSESSED with the Food Network for years now and Ming was one of the first guys I was watching. A great blast to see him again and doing well

  10. nikki meek Says:

    Loved this!! Ok now I AM obsessed with Ming Tsai!!

  11. JosephWhitt Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ming Tsai….I Love all things culinary and truly hope to be a chef someday! This is definitely one of my favorite episodes and I hope to see even more people from the culinary world on this show!! They touch my heart and I really believe a lot can be learned from their outlook on “branding” and success….They all say that they simple Love what they do and want to make their customer HAPPY!! Do above and beyond whatever it takes and if your content is good you will ROCK THE HOUSE!!

  12. Dale Beaumont Says:

    This is a great story. Thank you Samantha! Dale Beaumont (from Sydney, Australia)

  13. Rosy Villa Says:

    Love Ming Tsai since watching his shows on Foodnetwork, the FineLiving channel and, now, PBS. I have even make a couple of dishes from his easy to follow recipes. He’s AWESOME. I remember the days of Emeril, Mario and Ming. Loved what he did about food allergies-Ming’s Law. I once ate nice place, developed a bad allergic reaction, ended in the E.R. And when I called this nice place to ask for the ingredients-to my horror-no one could give me an answer. Bless him for this-hope all states adopt this law. Thanks Samantha and Ming! :)

  14. Will Says:

    Loved this interview!

    I always wondered what happened to Ming as well as East Meets West.

    Thanks for interviewing him Sam!

  15. Jaden Says:

    Ming Tsai! Love the man. I used to have such a crush on him!

  16. Yvonne Gao Says:

    I love him and also Martin Yan and Lydia Bastianovich (however you spell her long last name lol).

    I am jealous of his life.

  17. keith Says:

    Ming is a cool cat. I met him in Chicago recently at the NRA (restaurant..not rifle) show and chatted about his show and book. He gave me some good advice as I am now on the same path he has taken with a cookbook, PBS cooking show and international distribution…..he is successful not only because he’s talented, but he is clearly NOT full of himself. He’s humble, which is a Chinese trait for sure.

    I used to live 1 block from his restaurant in Wellesley great little town, however it was not built yet :(

    Great show Sam..nice job!

    Keith Snow

  18. Er Episodes Says:

    You have an great website!

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