Samantha Ettus interviews Reality TV star Kelly Bensimon

A rural Illinois teen model turned journalist, socialite, jewelry designer, and single mother, Kelly Killoren Bensimon made a splash as the newest star of Bravo TV’s The Real Housewives of New York City and spent the season in an infamous battle with co-star Bethenny Frankel. An accomplished model, Bensimon was the face of Clarins and has graced the pages of Elle, Bazaar and Cosmopolitan. Bensimon is the author of three books, a former Editor of Elle Accessories and an editor with Gotham and Hamptons magazines. In this interview Bensimon shares the inside details of her career, the show, and for the first time, reveals her plans on returning next season. She is passionate about life and dances to the beat of her own drum and that is why I’m Obsessed with Kelly Killoren Bensimon.



80 Responses to “Samantha Ettus interviews Reality TV star Kelly Bensimon”

  1. nikki meek Says:

    Man, I love this girl! what an exciting,interesting and exhilarating personality! Dang another reality show I’m gonna be watching. Great interview Samantha!! thanks for sharing

  2. Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best… Says:

    [...] Everyone’s favorite New York City housewife you love to hate plans on coming back for another season and lucky for us, she sat down for an exclusive interview with Samantha Ettus [Obsessed] [...]

  3. JP Says:

    Theee two women are vapid. God, no wonder men run for the younger girls in this city. Time and experience has provided them with nothing to offer.

  4. KellyTrainwreck Says:

    Yeah, nikki meek trying watching her. She’s a mess! I don’t know what she’s on, but delusion is a grand thing isn’t it. BTW, the resume above is highly inflated. She’s editor-at-large which is a glorified title for an occasional stringer. Kinda like her “Ivy League” (read night school) Columbia degree.

  5. Ben Says:

    I thought you did a fine job on the interview. But this Kelly woman comes across as a vapid, empty 17 year old airhead. Her “explanations” of the demise of her marriage, the her failure at the magazine (after just 2 issues), her “books” — the truth is that without her divorce settlement and the property the guy gave her, she has nothing.

    For kicks I ordered used copies of her books - they are about as sophisticated as high school yearbooks — lots of random photos graphs with a few meaningless sentences every 20 or 30 pages. They were laughable.

    And Bensimon always seems to have an explanation about why everyone else is the cause of her failures — it’s politics at the magazine, its that her “amazing” husband well, she just kinda outgrew him?…and she doesn’t like what Bethenny wears to treat her like dirt …and her boyfriend of many months needs a lot of love so..she hit him?

    Bensimon has zero social skills, zero sense of reality…maybe the “reality show” is the closest she’s ever come to it. She is the sick woman, not her nearly underage boyfreinds, or her overage husband.

    Your gracious interview allowed her to show herself for the empty fool that she is.

  6. KellyTrainwreck Says:

    Also, she graduated college in 1998 - 11 years after she graduated from high school and years after her marriage. She probably wasn’t doing school and modeling for very long at the same time.

  7. Wendy Says:

    Wow. Kelly, you are Fabulous……fabulously uninteresting. You are not nearly as interesting as you think you are.
    ” I don’t understand what you are talking about.”
    And I, you Kelly.

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  9. Johnnie Says:

    The interviewer,Samantha Ettus,was fantastic. Kelly was clever and displayed the manipulative and devious behavior that everyone is aware of. She was able to avoid all of the questions by pluging her jewelry, her books, and her career. She knows that without this reality show she will go back to her imaginary life and be forgotten in 2 seconds. Otherwise, why on earth would she return for another season with the most incredible group of females on this earth. The other ladies on the show make it obvious that Kelly needs therapy. Kelly Bensimon is a nut case!

  10.   Kelly Bensimon May Be Crazy But She’s Definitely Confused [Almost Infamous] by Funny Celebrity . info Says:

    [...] Bensimon sat down for a very informative, lengthy (35 minutes!) interview with Samantha Ettus for Obsessed TV, in which she says she’s “infamous,” wrote an “important” book on her [...]

  11. PB Says:

    Man, I love this girl! what an exciting,interesting and exhilarating personality! Dang another reality show I’m gonna be watching. Great interview Samantha!! thanks for sharing

  12. Kelly Bensimon May Be Crazy But She’s Definitely Confused [Almost Infamous] | GOSSIPGOSSIP.INFO Says:

    [...] Bensimon sat down for a really informative, extensive (35 minutes!) talk with Samantha Ettus for Obsessed TV, in which she says she’s “infamous,” wrote an “important” book on her [...]

  13. maven Says:

    favorite quote “he’s a broken toy” i think that says it all.

  14. SP Says:

    Hmm, a few thoughts:

    1. I wasn’t aware that you could beg your way into Columbia.
    2. If she speaks French, I am Micky Mouse.
    3. She married a rich and famous fashion photographer because he was “so different.”
    4. You can’t write a “tangible dissertation” on a BlackBerry.
    5. Someone making a little jab at your sad ego isn’t automatically a “bully.”
    6. Bethenny really didn’t resemble Joan Collins.
    7. I took a shot everytime she said “amazing.” I now have to pee and the room is spinning.

  15. Christine Says:

    JP, I don’t know where you get the idea men are running for the younger women. Attractive women get a lot of attention at any age.

  16. Kurisu Says:

    Kelly seems way less high than usual - she’s practically coherent. But she’s still an overtan, delusional pathological liar.

  17. Muse Says:

    Nice jewelry line. “We took Pocohontas out of the canoe and put her in the disco. It’s the recession, she wants to have fun.”

    Um, that’s cultural appropriation, and wildly insensitive. I hope she’s donating a portion of the proceeds to Native American charities.

  18. CuriousRed Says:

    Kelly is a bona fide nut case. She is most probably one of the MOST insecure individuals I have seen.
    She is full of s*@t and I am amazed that someone with her lack of intellect has even gotten to this point.
    She definitely has ridden many a coat tail.

  19. Kelly is a lunatic, weirdo Says:

    Kelly is so boring. Who cares about her dull life that has gotten no-where. She is a reality tv star- BIG DEAL!
    The only reason that she is at this point is due to her ex-husband!
    Kelly go back to the Hamptons and find yourself another rich man so that you can feed your children!
    THE Funniest part is when she keeps saying how she has a “AWESOME LIFE”, constantly says “AMAZING”, and trys to get away from the “WHY DID YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND DIVORCE” question. YOUR A WASTE KELLY!

  20. Jack Says:

    Remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it. I think it’s all been said in the previous comments. This woman is just disgusting. Someone, please count how many times she says “to be honest with you.” She is so bleeding inarticulate.

  21. erin Says:

    Kelly says the things about herself that OTHER people should say about you… It’s like telling people your ‘classy’… or ‘brilliant’… or ‘beautiful’…. or ‘authentic’ If it’s true, other people will notice it in you.

    In her completely inaccurate descriptions of herself, she reveals a person who is so clearly out of touch, and desperately trying to convince herself that she is all these things that she aspires to be. In addition, she seems to think she is really ‘fun’ and ’silly’ and ‘witty’… she is so clearly oblivious. “C’mon (looks at watch) I gotta go (snaps fingers) I have a party to get to…”

  22. Pat Says:

    Like, my ears are numb from all the “like”s and “to be honest with you”s.

  23. JJ Says:

    I don’t think she took a breath once in 30 minutes. It’s almost as if she just keeps talking to avoid a real interview. I too found her self described attributes of ‘classy’ and ‘with integrity’ and that ‘people will know I am….” as sad because she is selling herself and it comes off wrong. If I were to sit down for lunch with her my advice would be to stop doing that and know that OTHER people saying these things about her is what carries weight. It is an insecurity at a deep level. She has to slow down, calm down, listen, and go to therapy.

  24. I'm obsessed with her delusions Says:

    She says she lost the modeling contest to Cindy Crawford because Cindy was “much” older than her - a woman! That she was just 16. She and Cindy were born one year apart! And why does Kelly insist she was married at a young age? She was 28 years old when she was married.

  25. Richelle Says:

    If I were interviewing her I would notbe able to hold back my laughing at how fake, delusional and rediculous this woman is. “well Cindy is older than me”… um thats not what she was asking but thanks. Pathertic. She talks like a teenager on drugs.

  26. Deanna Says:

    I find it hard to believe someone would ramble on for 34 plus minutes and really have nothing to say except how fabulous and cool SHE seems to think and obviously believes she is.
    It is sad that she lives in this make believe world she has created for herself.

  27. Isabella Says:

    Muse Says:
    May 27th, 2009 at 11:59 am
    Nice jewelry line. “We took Pocohontas out of the canoe and put her in the disco. It’s the recession, she wants to have fun.”

    Actually, for the SECOND time now she said she took Pocohontas out of the “kayak” so she could have some fun. Maybe she thinks American Indians rented kayaks for a day of fun while up in the Hamptons.

    It’s interesting to see an adult woman, who is also a mother, speak with the same vocabulary and intonation of an adolescent who follows the pack of popular girls out of fear of being left out. Says a lot about who Kelley wants to be identified with.

    BUT stranger is Samantha’s voice - what is it these days with women speaking with the pitch and intonation of a little girl? She sounds like a five year old girl. It’s very disturbing. Use your big girl voice, Samantha.

    It was my first and last time watching an Obsessed interview.

  28. Lu Lu Says:

    I was truly offended when she did an imitation of “Tyra”
    “Oh! Honey….” Does she think that all black people speak that way?
    OH, Honey, Tyra may return to kick your ass. Now THAT is must-see TV.

  29. Liloq Says:

    Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. She’s in a very small bubble, her own words. Married at 28, so young, so now we believe she’s still oh so young. Look at me. Look at me. I’m so wonderful. I’m amazing. Wrote a loser book, American Style: it was a NO-seller. I hate this ugly Kellamity woman.

  30. SANDI Says:

    Why for the love of God is she going back on the show? She is the worst thing to hit the airwaves since television was invented. There is no good reason for her to be in the public eye except to make more of a FOOL of herself. She is without a doubt the biggest idiot in the world and needs to stay off those illegal drugs. A good psychiatrist and a looooooooong stay in a mental ward is in order. I’M DONE WITH THE SHOW THANKS TO HER.

  31. Mindy Says:


  32. Karen Says:

    Nobody wants to see the has been. Get her back to the planet she came from. There can’t be anyone this dumb on this planet.

  33. Sandra Says:

    This chick is out to lunch. She has no business on TV. I will never watch this show again.

  34. Jane Says:

    I think she is great. It’s easy to hate her because she is beautiful. These hateful comments make me laugh…so many angry people.

  35. Rosy Villa Says:

    When I first saw this interview, I was reluctant to watch. I had read and heard about this woman-she was portrayed in the media as a totally bully and self centered. But, since I’m a huge of fan of obsessedtv, I decided to watch. For once, the media was right, my opinion on this interview, she comes across as an immature 41 year old and not authentic. I, also, felt she wasn’t answering some of the questions, but would go into tangents. After watching this interview, I still have no idea who the real Kelly Killoren Bensimon is.

  36. Marla Says:

    He’s a “broken toy.” What a thing to tell your kids. Guess what, honey? We’re all a little broken inside, including you. Here, have a slice of humble pie.

  37. Minime Says:

    What exactly did she say? No direct answers, blames everyone, and thinks she is infamous. To the blogger who counted the amazings, you should have taken a shot everytime she messed with her hair. You would have passed out and not watched the whole thing. I must be as crazy as she is, I watched the whole thing sober and am now blogging.
    Don’t you have to be invented to reinvent yourself?

  38. Soni Says:

    I was like, ok, let me take teh time to sit here and watch for 35 minutes and give her a chance to show me something else when she has the opportunity to say whatever she likes and she isn’t edited. The editing wasn’t the issue. She lives he LALA land. She really has not idea that she has anything wrong with her and I think that is why we hate her.

    I really hope that bravo doesn’t bring her back because I can’t watch another season with her.

  39. Ellen Says:

    One question I wished you’d asked? What’s up with those boobs?

    Oh, and you ask about her running with her hair down. Hello?
    You don’t ask her about running in the middle of NYC traffic.

    Lousy lame interview.

  40. ActualColumbia Says:

    I didn’t finish the video because 34 minutes of watching this poor hag with a leathery crack-head face talk like a drugged teenager about how delusional she is.. is just too much.

    What a joke of a girl. An inarticulate, pitiful, insecure nut of a girl. If we have to see her for 1 more season (why she would agree to that is a sign of her debilitating idiocy) can Bravo at least ‘accidentally’ mute her mic? It’d be a lot easier to ignore subtitles.

  41. Mrs. Page Says:

    Despite the gross sucking-up, I am glad for this interview. It shows that this crazy woman is exactly as sketchy as we thought she was. She never explains anything, babbles about nothing, and is just digging herself into a deeper hole. Please do come back next season, you crackhead.

  42. JD Says:

    Kelly Bensimon, you are a liar and you are delusional. You should get a grip and wake up. Your a nut, like don’t you know?

  43. Monique Says:

    Sam, Why did you interview Ms. Bensimon? Why were you obsessed with her? You have interviewed many compelling and nuanced people, so I don’t understand why you chose to interview Ms. Bensimon. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

  44. AZGirl Says:

    So why does she say “like” ten times in every sentence? It makes her sound, like, really like, ignorant, and like, like she thinks she’s really, like a 1980’s surfer chic.

  45. jojo Says:

    Kelly is just plain stupid.

  46. Jenny Alers Says:

    Although I think Kelly is very pretty and attractive but I do feel that she should be over herself. I don’t think she is really capable of doing all the things that she says she does. I doubt she even went to Columbia and she has some sort of success because she had a older rich ex husband. Kelly needs to get overself. She comes across as being the type that likes to be around rich famous people because to her thats exciting. Having said that I wish her well because I don’t think shes a mean person, she just as priorities to be around certain things and people to get her ahead.

  47. Alice Adamas Says:

    I agree that kelly likes to be around famous rich interesting people because that will certainly make herself look better. She needs to be on Housewives to promote whatever she is pushing and make some money. Her use of the word amazing and wonderful is boring really. Kelly is where shes at today because she married well, she doesn’t seem that smart or sucessful at anything really.

  48. Mark Jennes Says:

    Kelly Bensimon really is a lier. She went to a Columbia extension program that anyone can go to really. She is a bit of a fraud but I think she is pretty. Shes someone that I wouldn’t trust hanging out with unless she can benefit from you she wouldn’t pursue you as a friend. Shes the kind of HS girl that wants to be friends with the class president, head cheerleader etc.

  49. Bklyngrl Says:

    I keep wondering where are Kelly’s family (I assume she doesn’t have any real friends..)? Seriously, I feel sorry for her..doesn’t she have anyone in her life - even her ex - the father of her kids - who can use their influence and explain to her - like she’s a four year old - that she just comes off as a complete wackjob? She’s clearly socially and emotionally retarded (and believe me - I would only use that word if it was the ONLY one that fit; I’m very PC) - I just dont undestand why no one in her life is telling her the truth. It’s so incredibly sad. I feel sorry for her kids.

  50. Miss Thang Says:

    Kelly is the biggest joke I have ever seen in my life!! She really is on the same planet that we all live in. She is an air headed, stupid idiot. I hope Bethenny whoops that ass on the next season :)

  51. Christine Says:

    I didn’t care for Kelly before the interview on obsessed and now I realize she really needs help. She seems deluded and dishonest. Her vocabulary is limited and I doubt she can speak French when she can’t speak English correctly? If she wasn’t so outspoken all of her shortcomings wouldn’t be so obvious. Kelly needs to be quiet, listen and take an English grammar course. She is beyond DELUSIONAL!

  52. ttidd Says:

    Wow! She is nuts! was she on the same show I watched? she went crazy on Bethenny when all she was doing is leaving the bar!not to mention she was an hour and half late! Kelly please get HELP!!!

  53. remy Says:

    Oh yeah, I am SO OBSESSED with Kelly,after seeing this, just like you Samantha. NOT. I am going to barf. This chick is beyond heinous and ridiculous. She needs to be checked into a narcissistic personality disorder clinic, stat. She is a delusional, pathological liar, and also an idiot. It should be illegal for people like this to breed. Talk about revisionist history. Yikes. Please go away. You give women, indeed, human beings, a bad name. I think you might be one of the most vile people I have ever witnessed. Oh no, wait. You and Kate Gosselin should ride off together into the sunset and implode in NPD hell.

    So long, biatch.

  54. samantha fan Says:

    you look so washed out in this interview. Your skin, your ill fitting dress.. are you pregnant?

  55. Real Housewives’ Kelly Bensimon’s Mother Was “One of the first stewardesses”! « HitDanBack Says:

    [...] a recent interview with Obessed TV, Kelly Killoren Bensimon continued her terrorist attack on unsuspecting English speakers.  As a [...]

  56. Barbara Says:

    The most interesting part of this interview are the comments about. She is clearly like like like dumb. They would skin her alive in NJ.

  57. lola Says:

    this woman is obviously RETARDED- wow, i can’t believe how retarded she is. And no, she doesn’t speak more than 3 words of French.

  58. lola Says:

    if this retard touches her hair one more time, I am going to slap her hard!

  59. Rose Says:

    uneducated.. speaks like a teen… did anyone count the .. umms.. uhh…?? who is she?? And who watches this stupid show?

  60. Why Did I Do This???? Says:

    Uggghhhh. Why, why, why did I waste 25 minutes of my life watching this??? I can’t even stomach watching the whole thing. She is quite possibly one of the most self-absorbed, idiotic, hypocritical, dramatic, and classless people I have ever seen. What a waste of space. She talks and all you hear is “I’m Kelly, I’m sooooo important and fabulous. I’m amazing.”

    Puh-lease. Get over yourself.

    P.S. - If she flips/pushes her hair with both hands one more time, I will slit my wrists. She drives me NUTS.

  61. Monica Says:

    -She begged the Dean (of Columbia) to get in and they did?
    -she couldn’t get into Physics I, so she just took II
    -she studied at the Physics Library
    -had a driver since she was 16
    -a driver who drove her to school and years later to give birth to her children
    -she has an amicable divorce with her ex/who lives downstairs…but still considers herself a “single parent”
    -she bad mouths Jill
    And sounds like a total moron

  62. Housewives Behaving Badly: RHNYC, episode 11 « RealityWatchers TV Blog Says:

    [...] Video of Kelly being interviewed on Obsessed with Samantha Ettus, about 35 min’s. of what Kelly really excels at–talking about herself. [...]

  63. Cheryl LArive Says:

    What a MORON! How many times did she say “like” it’s just as irritating as someone who constantly says and umm. Maybe it’s just a nervous habit but I’m pretty sure she’s a moron.

  64. Marina Says:

    This was a fun interview… great job Samantha!!!!

  65. willymodel Says:

    i took a shot everytime she touched her hair and now i’m passed out. lol
    she talks about “the chatter”. what about her annoying voice.

  66. willymodel Says:

    the guy she beat up is a “broken toy”. yeah, she broke him!!

  67. willymodel Says:

    samantha, you did a great job! you asked a lot of questions that i would ask. too bad you usually didn’t get the answer.
    sorry i missed this when it originally aired.

  68. zoey Says:

    Zoey Says:
    Samantha, this must have been the most difficult interview in all of history. Apart from Kelly being a total, uneducated moron, I’m afraid BRAVO is going to lose a lot of viewers because of her. She doesn’t even realize how unintelligent & blank she really is. As for men, all she has to do is act like a ’sex kitten’ & no need to actually TALK with them. With women she can’t hold an intelligent conversation with so, she totally dismisses them. (Hence, no g-friends). She is also in need of some psychotherapy.
    Best Regards

  69. west coast viewer Says:

    Are you going to weigh in on Kelly’s meltdown. Did she really say she doesn’t drink? Kelly is always tweeting about going out for drinks.

    Kelly is so clueless and it gets old after awhile.

  70. dsc60 Says:

    jane - please… the hate and disgust doesn’t come out of jealousy. if i were to hate someone because they are beautiful it wouldn’t be this one. if that’s true, why do i think Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, to name a few, are fabulous! kelly ruins any beauty she MIGHT have by being the ugly person she is on the inside. she is a nutcase who is a danger to her poor children. she says “feelings are so 1979″ - what kind of a mother says that? no, kelly is easy to hate because she gives us all the material needed by being her pathetic self.

  71. Sandi Says:

    This broad is the WORST excuse for a human I have ever seen. Her family really needs to get her some help because she is clearly on drugs or is missing all of her brain cells. Anyone this damaged does NOT belong on TV much less raising children. Isn’t it funny that none of her real so called friends have spoken out in her defense? Child Protective Services needs to get a copy of this along with both seasons of the show. I wouldn’t leave a dying dog in her care.

  72. rylly Says:

    OMG…this poor lady. Every time she appears, she buries
    herself a little deeper.
    I think she is trying to use
    the Sarah Palin approach to fame…deny reality, lie like
    hell and bully everyone, especially those that have an opinion.
    Also, seriously doubt that she has custody of her children,
    and is probably only just out of some kind of psychiatric
    clinic for long term care. She “doth protest too too much”.
    Nothing is as she says it is…her delusions are too fast
    and furious to keep up with. She imagines she is dazzling
    them with her footwork, when all she is doing is stumbling over herself with every utterance.
    Her cruelty is way beyond acceptable and thinking she is “awesome” and that “she makes good tv” is laughable.
    There is no way I can like one thing about her, it is all contrived and she gives me the willies.

  73. ddbooboo Says:

    1. you are not attacked because you are credible
    2. you are in no way a Columbia grad unless they allowed you in because you were a pretty girl, NOT because you are an intellectual.
    3. essays are longer than 350 words; that is NOT a book!! quit making yourself more important than you are.
    4. you are a bully, just not a smart one.
    5. it’s obvious you married your husband because of his name, not because you were in love; maybe you need to be authentic as well.
    6. pocahantas has a lot more to offer history than a pave bracelet and mini dress; i can’t believe you made the reference. Columbia? really? how many semesters?
    GROSS. Don’t speak. you come across much prettier that way.

  74. Asrai Says:

    i worked for several years with a woman who was as big a nitwit as KKK. it was exhausting. she was completely oblivious to the big picture and could never keep up with any conversation. sad sad sad. she was just smart enough to know she didn’t get it. at least she didn’t exacerbate the problem by substance abuse.

    dumb AND high: what a lose/lose.

  75. Penelope Says:

    Taking classes is not the same as completing and graduating.

    Does NOT hold a candle to Cindy Crawford.

    The “broken toy” is the one being interviewed.


    Love the ‘integrity’ line.

    What a bimbo.

  76. NewFanOfSamantha Says:

    This is my first time visiting your website because I am so interested in hearing anything Kelly right now. From the reunion shows I am thinking she has a mood disorder. If it were me interviewing her, I would have grilled her to answer the questions in under one minute like Bethenny trying to make sense of the nonsense. I am so impressed by your interviewing skills Samantha! Brilliant! If one pushes Kelly too much she shuts down and labels one “bully”. It seemed you really had compassion and were trying to find the real woman behind the crazy and you almost made it happen. Beautiful and brilliant. I sense you are very emotionally intelligent Sam and know how to interview even though you come across as sweet and innocent. You almost got clear thinking from KK, but alas crazy will never be sane. I am a new fan though!

  77. Jada Murray Says:

    Kelly’s behavior this season clearly illustrates that she is delusional, deranged, and in denial. For the sake of her children, Ms. Bully, needs to get some psychological help. PLEASE so many viewers hope she gets the help she need for the SAKE of her CHILDREN!!!

  78. I'mjustsaying Says:

    The show is called Obsessed..with (whomever).Perfect for the delusional narcissist of the moment.This is not 60 Minutes.The interviewer has to get a 35minute piece out of ‘whomever’ and she succeeded without really trying. This no-one dug her own grave in a spectacularly embarrassing fashion. I have watched both seasons featuring this piece of ‘crazy’ and WOW!!! How very sad and in need of anti psychotics is this poor thing….the show or a repeat of it would have rated highly as we love to see train wrecks…if only her plethora of so called loved ones would be honest with her

  79. Mario Says:

    I actaully don’t mind her so much.
    Yes, after seeing the breakdown she had on the island with the other ‘housewives’ I DO think she has some major issues, but hey, that doesn’t make me hate someone.
    I have to say, the whole Kelly vs. Bethenny thing, I’m actually on Kelly’s side. Barfenny is most certainly a bully. So she didn’t notice you at some party..get over it! The first time they actually met on the HW show, Kelly was actually polite and friendly to Beth., yet was cold-shouldered in return for some lame grudge she was holding from years ago. Yes, she lacks certain skills and could have handled the ‘meeting’ with Beth. much better and defended herself MUCH better, but I don’t sense any malice from her. Yes, she’s ‘out there’ , lives in ‘Kelly land’, but I don’t sense she is a bad person. I really can’t stand that Barfenny person though. I really find her undrhanded, vindictive and sneaky and VERY knowledgable on how to play the victim to get people on your ’side’.
    Calling someone ‘Madonna’ and all the other stuff she kept doing and saying about her, I DO actually agree that Beth is a bully.
    I’m not a fan of ANY of these… um, people (for lack of a better word), but if I HAD to choose, I’d choose this airhead ove that scorpoion Barfenny…. just my personal opinion.

  80. mutter Says:

    This is the first time I listened to the interview. She is so nuts. She married her former husband for the money and now will not even date someone who is not financially better off than what she snagged from the last ex. The woman is looney.

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