Samantha Ettus interviews TODAY show travel expert Peter Greenberg

Peter Greenberg is a nationally renowned travel guru, TODAY show travel expert, bestselling author, and host of the nationally syndicated Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio show, heard live each week on more than 150 stations. Prior to NBC’s TODAY, Peter spent more than two decades as travel correspondent for ABC’s Good Morning America. Peter’s newest book Tough Times, Great Travels: The Travel Detective’s Guide to Hidden Deals, Unadvertised Bargains, and Great Experiences was just published.


18 Responses to “Samantha Ettus interviews TODAY show travel expert Peter Greenberg”

  1. Colin Devroe Says:

    I want to be a travel correspondent. If anyone is looking for one… you may contact me. :)

  2. Colin Devroe Says:

    Peter’s money quote: “Don’t let school get in the way of your education.”

  3. SteveF Says:

    Great guest Great show. Just one ? Show was taped in Nov and showed in March why?

  4. Matt Says:

    Great episode. Peter has a fantastic outlook on life.

  5. Brian Chinn Says:

    I’m a 30 yo male and obviously not in obsessedtv’s target demographic but I found that to be an awesome interview! I’ll continue to check back in the future.

    I do feel that the transition to the wine play with Gary at the end of the interviews needs to be a little more seamless. Maybe if Samantha gave some kind of teaser about Gary’s appearance and what he’s going to talk about at the beginning of the vid would help make more sense of it. This one worked out well though because I felt it connected with Peter and related well with the interview.

    Good job and good luck!


  6. soultravelers3 Says:

    That was fantastic! We are a family 3 years into an open ended world tour and it was just wonderful to hear someone telling it like it is!

    I just found you from a tweet from Gary and am so glad I did!

    I’ll be back!

    I loved his quote about not letting school kid in the way of education, right on!


  7. peter Says:

    I totally agree Brian. It is a little awkward when Gary joins in..
    Why does Gary have to be a guest on every episode?

  8. Ann Lombardi/thetripchicks Says:

    Meaty interview, Samantha Ettus & Peter Greenberg! Travel IS news and not only the driving force behind world economies but also future peace on the planet. Peter Greenberg is THE go-to pro for no hype travel insight. Heed his pithy, honest (often hilarious) insider critiques of travel as a process, and become a savvy citizen of our world!

  9. wrollcia Bill Says:

    Hey sam and gv, great show, great guest, gv when are you gonna drag PG onto the thunder show, you guys are doing great, keep it up, and if you need a chef to interview from nj, im your man. sam as you already know, us guys from nj, pour out major content. cooking segment??? come on, every good talk show has one of those.

    Bill Roll @wrollcia

    “And That’s How I Roll”

  10. Marla Bosworth Says:

    I must be the only one who thinks you guys are totally missing the mark. Either that or no one else wants to say it. Gary, I’m a huge fan of yours. But I don’t see any value here. Where’s the “authenticity”?

    Samantha is beautiful and has decent on-camera presence. She needs to relax a bit, get comfy and show her true personality. Then her voice will relax and she won’t sound like she is 12. No one has to be perfect on camera. Take some risks!

    I’m rooting for you guys. C’mon, kick it up a few notches!

  11. Thomas Hammer Says:

    Peter was a great guest - tons of charisma. A little hard to pin down at times but Samantha did a great job pressing him to answer her questions. Keep ‘em coming!

  12. Matthew Hale Says:

    I could tell he didn’t like a few of the questions or at least the way they were asked but he did a good job answering them. I thought the questions were good but I can see how they didn’t really lead smoothly into his answers. I guess because he didn’t ever say what Samantha expected him to.

    I think Gary coming in on the end of the show to share some wine is a great idea but I agree that it could be a smoother transition…but I don’t know how.

  13. stevo Says:

    Samantha — I’m a long time vayniac and just watch a few of your episodes. “Obsessed” is fantastic and I hope you keep it up.

  14. UniqueLasVegasTravel Says:

    Normally I don’t leave a reply, but I really enjoyed your post. Well done!

  15. Dalaman Says:

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  16. 'Stephanie Abrams Says:

    Thought I’d let you know that the quote about education that touched so many is a paraphrase from the Talmud. The Talmudic expression says, “Never let your studies interfere with your learning.” Wisdom from the ages rings as true today as it did so many centuries ago even when it is paraphrased.

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  18. Sharri Vallery Says:

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