Samantha Ettus interviews “The Social Media Sommelier” Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is the creator of Wine Library TV and co-creator of Obsessed TV, along with Samantha Ettus. After primarily utilizing traditional advertising techniques to build his family’s local wine business into a national industry leader, Gary rapidly leveraged social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook to promote Wine Library TV, his video blog about wine. Gary’s dual identity as both business guru and wine guy has made him the “Social Media Sommelier.”


97 Responses to “Samantha Ettus interviews “The Social Media Sommelier” Gary Vaynerchuk”

  1. Mark E Says:

    Digg this video here: http://digg.com/people/Gary_Vaynerchuck_Most_Personal_and_in_Depth_interview_ever

  2. Margaret Says:

    I absolutely love this interview, Gary’s story about his journey to America should definitely be heard more, the background is just fascinating and applies to a lot of people. Good show today!

  3. Sam Julien Says:

    Great to see Gary through another lens.

  4. Dave Huf Says:

    Great interview, nice to hear about the beginings, how winelibrary got started, etc.. Seemed like Gary wanted to keep going, maybe need a part 2?

  5. Marla Bosworth Says:

    Great heart-to-heart interview. Felt as if I were there hanging out with you two.

  6. Patrick Says:

    Good stories, terrible interview, the host is a bore.

  7. Captain John Konrad Says:

    Excellent story Gary. Would you agree that video blogging is similar to Hemmingway’s comment on writing; “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”?

  8. JOEYdaMUSH Says:

    Great interview Gary. Samantha bringing the awesome questions…I like it.

  9. MB Says:

    Indeed, the human interaction has EXPLODED!

    Great interview Sam!


  10. Ben Says:

    Love it, amazing video

  11. Rosy Villa Says:

    Loved it! I love to hear the story behind a successful person. Great job, Samantha and Gary!!!And Thank you both!!!

  12. Hendrik Says:

    Haha, Gary, you are awesome. You make every talk super interesting :).

    Belarus is nearby of where I live hehe.

  13. Neven Says:

    I enjoyed the interview very much. The video kept reloading as I was watching may have been a problem with my connection.
    I thought Samantha asked good questions and had a great personality on camera.

  14. Chris Says:

    My feedback is that if you’d like more feedback, you need to get involved here and respond to the comments of everyone above.

    Do you agree?

    What do you think Gary?

    All the best,


  15. Pablo Says:

    Good interview! Keep it up!

    Am I the only one for which the video stops and buffers every few seconds? Other obsessed.tv episodes give me the same problem…

  16. Bluna53 Says:

    Now I lay me down to sleep…but first I check to see what is new on
    WLTV and Obsessed. Great interview with Gary. I was expecting Mott to bring a few glasses and a wine *he* picked out just for Gary : )
    The questions you asked led to great topics. Thanks!

  17. Sue Adams Says:

    LOVE this interview! Great content. Very valuable. Really appreciate the info and the openess. Very natural.

    Thanks so much for all you do. Whenever I get down on our business, I watch one of your videos to get me back in the game again. Can’t thank you enough for everything! You keep me going.

  18. Joseph Nasto Says:

    The most down to earth interview I’ve heard in a long time. By far the best episode…all the way down to the production values as well.

    I’d like to see the tables flipped and have Gary interview Samantha.

  19. peter Says:

    Amazing story, and amazing energy Gary. Samantha my advice is if your host spills his guts and shows that much emotion, you have to show some to. I felt you were a stiff brach, but your still learning. Keep it up and you will be great, i have no doubt. Thanks.

  20. Mike Dietz Says:

    Great story! Shows what you can do when you have that inner drive!

  21. Chris Dessi Says:

    Phenomenal interview guys. Gary great energy and honesty (as always). Samantha - outstanding questions. Looking forward to seeing more!

  22. Mike Says:

    Great interview, both questions and answers. Might by my favorite Gary V video so far.

  23. Ali Says:

    Great interview, you both did an awesome job. I was entertained and learned a lot. I look forward to more!

  24. Christopher Mahan Says:

    Outstanding vid. I love the longer format for Gary. He really comes through more human and approachable when he has more time to speak.

    Great format. Love the decor in the studio.

    Watch the necklace on the microphone making popping sounds :)

  25. Jared O'Toole Says:

    Awesome interview!

    As Gary always says its all about embracing who you are. That’s what will let you be successful. You won’t last long trying to be something your not.

  26. Donzell Says:

    This was a great interview. Samantha did an excellent job, and Gary is simply the man. Gary, I understand about your enthusiasm about sports, especially with football. I am the same way with my Georgia Bulldogs.

  27. Fabi Says:

    LOVED the interview, I had never seen Gary (I *knew* that wasn’t your real name!) answer these particular questions. Samantha did a great job with the questions - intelligent, natural and kept the conversation flowing. Great job! :D

  28. Scott Says:

    Great show. I loved hearing a more in depth story about Gary’s background.

  29. Chris Rikli Says:

    Boy do I identify with his comment about turning 30 and realizing he wasn’t going to buy the Jets doing what he was doing. Love GaryVee’s passion for life and for business.

  30. Cary Martin Says:

    Amazing interview. It was simple and personable. I felt like I was sitting right there. It inspired me to do greater things in my own life. Great questions! You really brought a kind nature out of Gary. Thank you for this!

  31. Pete B Says:

    At first, I really thought ObsessedTv was a woman’s fashion type show but I now understand the concept and I think its amazing. Gary’s story was great and AJ Jacobs was hilarious. Can’t wait for more. Keep it up Sam.

  32. Samantha Ettus Says:

    It is so much fun to see some of our regulars on here and also so many new names! Thanks so much for all of your feedback. It definitely helps to have such a colorful and compelling subject. I enjoyed hearing Gary’s back stories as much as you did. This episode in many ways epitomizes the goal of the show; to elicit the personalities and paths behind the names. Gary was a perfect example for that. And as one of you suggested, this interview could have a part 2 and 3 and 4…we will definitely have him back!

    As for the tech issues, as of an hour ago, we think they are finally solved. Viddler should be showing a lot smoother so as not to frustrate all of us!

    Thanks for watching, thanks for commenting. Please do check out past episodes if you haven’t had a chance to see them before.


  33. Kathy Hughes Says:

    Gary IS a franchise; he’s unique and aren’t we Vayniacs fortunate to be vicariously experiencing this exciting journey. Go Gary ! Naples Kathy aka Champagne Lady

  34. Debbie Stier Says:

    Inspiring, to say the least. Motivating. Captivating. So smart.

    I want more!!!!

  35. Sheri Hirsch Says:

    Wonderful bold, heartfelt interview. It was great to hear the backdrop and history of Gary’s rising success! As always Gary’s passions and love of people is right there for everyone to see. Cheers!

  36. Walinmichi Says:

    Great show… nice to see the human side of Gary V. Just amazed he didn’t pick a wine that showed his personality.

  37. Brian Says:

    Great interview Samantha! Questions were well thought out, even some tough ones in there, which allowed us to learn so much more about Gary.

    I love the vision of being THE destination site/show of the web to be interviewed on. Keep doing what you are doing, and eventually you WILL get there.

  38. lisa Says:

    I think Joseph has a good idea. Gary, why don’t you interview Samantha so we can get to know her better? ( Pablo, I have the same problem w/ the video cutting out every few secs. )

    Gary, you could talk about any subject and I’d listen, because you have the content, charisma, and loads of positive energy!

    If you’re asking for a constructive criticism, I’d suggest changing the set. The pillows and paintings were distracting and strange and seemed to overwhelm (tough task) the people. On video, the figures in the paintings were cut off at the waist and the white unpainted edge of the other painting kept coming into view. Just took my attention away from the peeps. Maybe it’s just me!

    Best of luck; I look forward to watching more episodes.

  39. shelley Says:

    loved it. awesome interviewer/interviewee pairing. :) very entertaining AND enlightening. thank you!

  40. Dean Says:

    Oh my, this interview was impressive! Gary is a born entreprenuer. He is what makes America great. Our society should free the Gary’s of this world to fly with their ideas and drive. Competitive? Maybe it’s a guy thing, but I “get” that. The internet has certainly opened up a whole new world. BTW, I’m going on the Thunder Cruise in three weeks–cannot wait to meet Gary!

  41. Justin Says:

    Great discussion. Samantha has good flow with everyone she interviews. Gary - great story telling.

  42. jenn selke - the camp director Says:

    What a great interview. Enjoyed learning more about Gary’s early school career. What I like most about Gary, and his brother AJ for that matter, is their ability to connect uniquely with people on a fundamental level. I like the host because she did not get in the way of the interviewee. Interviewers who hijack the conversation, give too much of their personal details, or ask boring questions can really destroy even the best subject. Samantha had good questions and was not distracting. Gary was the one I wanted to hear from and she provided good structure. It was the best interview and speech I have heard from Gary. Seems like he should be working on his autobiography.

  43. Jay Says:

    Great interview - Sam don’t be afraid to relax a bit on camera. You seem like a great host who was a little nervous. :)

  44. Jason Says:

    Great interview. Sam, you can’t wear a necklace with the microphone. I almost had to stop the recording less than a minute in because it was so annoying. Other than that, I loved the interview but I’m glad I stuck with it. I look forward to following your vlog now to see you grow as Gary has. It is amazing to see his evolution over the years.

  45. GolfTurtle Says:

    Cool stuff. Never really watched before but Samantha is a terrific interviewer. Good job keeping it honest GVee. Thanks for tweeting it out! I enjoyed hearing some GVee history. Keep branding *wink*
    ~GolfTurtle OUT!

  46. Anne Good Says:

    Loved it, Gary! Look forward to seeing more! My question (since I’m pregnant with my first child also) is “how do you think things with change for you once your baby arrives?” You seem so family oriented, but I’m sure your schedule is grueling.

  47. mrzitro Says:

    Great job, Samantha. You need to dump Gary & go to a morning show on one of the big networks, preferably FOX.

  48. @ZacharyKaz Says:

    WOW Gary this is a side to you I’ve never seen before. I like this interview format, and its my first time visiting the site. I’ll be checking back no doubt. Great Job both of you

  49. Vlad Says:

    Nice interview Gary, hope to see another one soon. You reminded me about the phones in the USSR, I remember my parents waited at least 3 years to get a phone installed.

  50. Tim Wicks Says:

    Mrzitro, Thankfully Samantha and Gary are unlikely to take this ‘advice’. This is where it is at man!

  51. RLSeattle Says:

    Nice! Great interview Gary. I really liked the long format. It gives a great opportunity to get a feel for the energy you have, but also allows a personal touch that you don’t always get in the fast paced WLTV spots. Loved it. Loved meeting you in India. Keep it up.

  52. Dan Manu Says:

    Nice interview guys keep up the good work… Every time I’ve seen you speak Gary,(Never seen you live :)) you give me something to think about!

    I started following you because of the wine but I’m learning many more things from you than I ever thought…

  53. JOEYdaMUSH Says:

    Jay, Samantha is totally chill. She breakdanced on the Ali Dee episode!

  54. Hasan Luongo Says:

    felt a bit dry interms of chemistry, GV is a great interview but needed to be grilled more, have heard that spiehl many times at conferences and GV vidoes. Also needs a bit of weird and funny, this is the internet, not lifetime or ellen. rocketboom was not amazing becuase it was online, the content was incredibly funny and informative, I know this is not RB but it needs edge.

    last thing, it needs more social, dont talk about the social web, make the show more social and interactive.


  55. Kidder Says:

    I was floored by your interview Gary, awsome!!!! Now I have a different perspective of you…. Peace-Christian……..

  56. Xong Lee Says:

    Dont know what gary saw on her… sorry.

  57. Hasan Luongo Says:

    side note, i watched the whole vid and really enjoyed it, both GV and Samantha do a great job, but def felt it could have hit a bit harder.

  58. Vada Says:

    Wow, Sam knows how to get Gary talking. If she can push those buttons on other folks then Gary really has found a way to scale his personal brand.

    Keep it up!

  59. @np3wave Says:

    I stumbled onto his video blog a while back and became a fan bc of his ‘obsession’… was great to hear abt his entrepreneurial background.. a real inspiration~!

  60. Ditch Says:

    A great interview with Gary and the host did a brilliant job reigning him in…great format.

  61. Michael Zelbel Says:

    Awesome folks! Gary and Samantha are great. Just - whoever you put next to Gary is looking so … innocent ;-) But it’s cool.

  62. Sean Dawes Says:

    Great video. Nice to see an in depth video about Gary and the whole history behind where he came from.

    Keep pumping out the good content Sam!

  63. pitu Says:

    Gary your answer as to why you came up with Obsessed TV best answer to the question hands down. Im not sure how to put it in words but it was Awesome. Oh and good show.

  64. Jason Morgan Says:

    Great episode. Always like hearing more details about Gary’s history. Would REALLY like to hear his view on where the country is heading… not to get political, but to hear his take on the co-existance of socialism and capitalism. Capitalism was the environment that allowed Gary to thrive, and so as of late, I’ve been thinking a lot about this. As a business owner myself, there is a dent in the spirit of entrapeneurship. Thanks.

  65. Mike D'Ag Says:

    Fantastic interview. Excellent length on of the episode, we got to know a lot about Gary and what drives him. Found this episode through Gary, but will be back to see future episodes of Obsessed. Minor point, but please keep the jewelry away from the mics, kinda distracting. Well done.

  66. Luke Erickson Says:

    Gary, you are truly a stud! I can only dream of being as successful as you someday!

  67. Deborah Says:

    Watched this because I was a Gary fan. Will continue to watch because I’m now a Sam fan.
    What a talented interviewer you are. Love the way you can refocus Gary to get the answers you’re looking for.

  68. Eric Z. Says:

    I completely 105% agree with the suggestion that Gary interview Samantha, so we get a better idea of where she’s coming from and why she started her show. Think of Ellen, Oprah, etc., and how we have some idea of their story and why they ended up in our living rooms. At this point, I hate to say it, but I feel like she’s “on the clock” instead of following her passions, that this is a means to an end — instead of feeling like this interview is exactly the conversation she wants to be having, not as a means to and end, but that we’re watching the end-result of her work and passion. I know that’s a tall order, but it’s what makes Oprah, Ellen, Gary V., Conan, Jim Cramer, Jimmy Kimmel, and even Charlie Rose succeed with their shows — each interview, connecting with the people they’re speaking with, is those people living life to its fullest. I want to see that with Samantha, but I don’t think we’re quite there yet — what is she like when she’s talking to a close friend or a family member? Again, we need a little more off-the-clock energy: instead of a professional type, what individual energy does she have that no one else can imitate or duplicate? It has to be there for this show to work.

  69. Julie Says:

    The questions were insightful but sometimes did not allow for enough in depth response. Glad to know that the positive feedback fuels Gary and not Red Bull.. had always wondered.

    Keep that fire but find a balance so you don’t “burn” out. We need more inspiring people like Gary to propel our country forward.

  70. newser Says:

    Decent interview - not quite the conversation I was hoping for, but still edgy and revealing for what was a mutually set-up piece. I enjoyed it. Sam is an excellent host and steered the half-hour wonderfully. And what can I say? Gary is one of the most captivating, entertaining and smart guys you’ll ever see tasting wine on TV every day.

    I’ll definitely keep watching.

  71. Becca Says:

    I love to hear all about Gary. Super fascinating. I was a little annoyed that Sam kept clipping his answers…I LOVED the inside look into Gary’s life. It’s nice to see a real person become successful. Awesome stories. More please!

  72. Global Patriot Says:

    Interviews with Gary are always information, entertaining and inspiring, but what made this version truly rock were the questions that Samantha asked, each one getting below the surface to dig out a bit more of makes really makes Gary tick.

  73. IsItReally Says:

    Hm.. I’ll start an interview website so that I can have the host interview me. I’ll talk about how I have this natural ability to make money. I bet everyone else will find that interesting.

  74. Aaron Goold Says:

    good times

  75. Justin Jackson Says:

    Great show. It really felt like Samantha was an “independent” interviewer, which was nice. Good interview - really interesting to hear Gary’s story.

  76. Lindsay Ronga Says:

    A great interviewer recognizes when they have a great interviewee AND they let him or her talk, and don’t interrupt. Sam - you did an awesome job of that which is why i think so many of us enjoyed this interview. You read your audience well.

    Sometimes (probably more often than not) you won’t get ppl as passionate as GV and might have to interject more often, which I’m confident you can do. In this interview - you nailed it, Sam. GV, what can I say. Always wonderful to hear about your humble beginnings and see your continuous authenticity.

  77. James Holmes Says:

    Samantha -

    What a great interview and I love the insight into Gary character. Whenever I watch Gary present on his channel or watch a video of him presenting at an event; I am motivated to push a little harder, act with a little more hustle in my own businesses. His focus it admirable.

    I also think he paid you a huge complement, a true vote of confidence and expressed belief in your talent. Gary has created a brand and to commit himself so completely to this project says so much about you and your authority. I look forward to seeing this program unfold into something very special.

    Have a blessed journey!


  78. Pete Moring Says:

    I really enjoyed this video. I got up too early feeling crap because my legs were giving me so much pain.
    I sat at the computer, ready to ‘get into the zone’ but couldn’t.

    I thought….what CAN I do to motivate myself?
    Then I looked at my toolbar, saw the Gary Vaynerchuck tab and went for the first link in the list which was this video.

    What a GREAT interview? (Richard Branson, you could learn something here about interviews. Even though I think the sun shines out of his ****)

    I’ve got to pass this URL around, and I hope everyone else who views it does the same. Hopefully the time is ‘now’ for ‘Obsessed TV’.

    Pete Moring.

  79. Dan Denney Says:

    How can you not love this guy? He is 100% awesome!

  80. Michael Rowe Says:

    Wow. great interview. Love to hear the back story of how Gary became the great brand he is today!

  81. Orion S. Says:

    hey, i watch wltv regularly and haven’t looked into obsessed too much yet, but this was a great interview. i’ll have to check out the other videos here. keep up the good work!

  82. mikek Says:

    Great show … integrity all day long! The more you put yourself “out there”… the more successful you become. Keeping it “real” is why I respect what you do. I see Obsessed as the destination you envision it to be (oprah on the net). Funny thing is, 3 years from now, it will be seen as the “overnight” success! Keep on crushin’ it! Best, Mike

  83. Daniel Schuyler Says:

    Great show Samantha!

    I have been following Wine Library TV and Gary for sometime and it was nice to hear about Gary’s history growing up and building his brands.

    Gary’s positive energy and drive is truly motivational!

    Looking forward to the next one!

  84. Jeris JC Miller Says:

    This was a wonderful interview **because it is heartfelt and truthful**. What I really resonate with in @GaryVee is his willingness to speak authentically … there is no veneer and that is Powerful!

    My hope is, after he has accomplished his considerable hopes and dreams (which he will) … that he does a “Bill” and gives it all away.

    You got your priorities straight dude — Family, Good People, Trust until you learn otherwise, and leverage Social Media communication for positive connection! I wish you every success!!!

    Warmly, Jeris JC Miller, aka @dakini_3
    Social Media Program Manager
    Seeds of Compassion 2.0: The Compassionate Action Network (@SeedsCAN)

  85. Richard Arblaster Says:

    Great interview. Nice idea co-creating and producing this show :)

  86. The Wine Guy is everywhere!! Video Says:

    [...] Wine Guy is everywhere!! Collected by joealvarez 02 mins ago from obsessedtv.com // Event.onDOMReady(function() { // sizeText($(’video_title’), 475); // }) collect this [...]

  87. Derek Says:

    This is just an awesome interview. Glad I finally got a chance to watch it.

  88. Nate Says:

    Awesome. The man behind The Wine!

  89. kevin debias Says:


    eloquent. love the proper pronunciation so the young bucks understand what it is to speak properly.

    nothing like being a leader.

    best wishes —- look forward to more entertainment!!!!!!!!!

  90. Khuram Malik Says:

    Just found this site looking for any content on Gary.

    I love the way you interview, with a cool calm atmosphere.

    Look forward to more interviews with leaders and trendsetters

    Thank you.

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  93. Adonis Says:

    Love the interview, but Samantha needs to lose the necklace. It bumps the mike, and is a little irritating…

  94. Conservative shirts Says:

    Gary is always a wealth of passion and great ideas. I saw him speak live once and it was awesome.

  95. Wayne Montpetit, Jr. Says:

    Gary: It was great hearing your story but I have to say that Samantha Ettus has the most GOD AWFUL interviewing voice I have ever heard ! I wanted to jam my wine bottle opener into my eardrums…………..

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