Samantha Ettus interviews matchmaking expert Janis Spindel

Janis Spindel is one of the nation’s leading matchmakers, personally responsible for more than 900 marriages. She has received enormous media coverage, including appearances on Dr. Phil, 60 Minutes, Fox, and The O’Reilly Factor, and was the subject of a cover story in The New York Times Magazine. She is a legend in the matchmaking arena and the bestselling author of two books including Get Serious About Getting Married: 365 Proven Ways to Find Love in Less Than a Year.


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  1. Steve Says:

    Wow Gary! I can’t believe you’re o.k. with associating your name with this crap… horrible doesn’t even begin to describe it. I don’t even think this would make a local cable channel at a 3:00 a.m. slot! What are you thinking! Dry host + a guest who’s profession garners less respect than a fortune teller = crap.

  2. rc Says:

    Production of the video was okay for a new show, a few jerky edits, the sneeze was funny and natural, the sound of the truck backing up not so much. I still think everybody’s getting their “sea legs” with the format, excited to see new episodes in the future.

  3. Terry Says:

    This is the first episode I have watched from start to finish and I sincerely hope that you either improve the show and/or it’s guests dramatically or simply cut your losses and kill it entirely.

    Mrs. Spindel was just a terrible guest. I don’t care what other major shows she’s made appearances on, it’s obviously filler for them. Keyword: “filler” — it just has to be. And someone in that line of work needs to have some pretty concrete data to backup some of her claims (such as zero divorces in 856 pairings). To say she wouldn’t have matched her husband, alone, is tell-tale enough of the absurdity of her profession.

    If the other episodes are akin to this one, count me out. Look, we all have failures, perhaps this is one of yours, Gary. You have tons more in the Success category and I’m sure you’ll come up with tons more. This one may just be wasting your time.

  4. Steve Says:

    Let me add a couple more things; Gary, I honestly think you’re great and I love what you do, but seriously… who’s the guy who makes an appearance at the end of the show? It looks like you, but he doesn’t act like you. Why the change? Your personality is a big part of the reason why you’ve been so successful! I’m not expecting you to scream out your name when you meet the guest, but c’mon…

    It looks to me like you’re going the way of tradition over change… what’s different about this show in comparison to the millions of small-talk shows on t.v.?

  5. TheLukas Says:

    Huge fan of Janis Spindel.
    I can, however, understand why people wouldn’t like her. I just disagree with them.

    I’m a big fan of Gary, and when Obsessedtv launched, i tried to give it a watch, but ended up just skipping to the wine bit at the end with Gary.
    I tried to watch the other videos, but i just didn’t get it.
    I wasn’t sure what the show was trying to do or be, so just stopped watching.
    But when Gary tweeted out about an “interesting guest” and Samantha tweeted people would either “love or hate” the guest, i thought i’d give it a watch.
    I’m now starting to get Obsessedtv.
    I thought the interview was very interesting.

    I almost always find it interesting to listen to people who know a lot about something, and have extreme passion for it. Even if i disagree with them, i’ll always listen to what the have to say. ( i didn’t disagree with Janis )

    While i’m not the sort of person who would ever use a matchmaker. I still found it very interesting to hear from someone who obviously knows a lot about dating, and where people go wrong with dating.

    Not sure if every episode of Obsessedtv is going to be my sort of thing.
    But more like this would be great to see.

  6. Steve Says:

    @TheLukas Explain to me how you can be a huge fan of a “match maker”?

  7. TheLukas Says:

    I’m not necessarily a fan of what she does. Match maker or not, i was interested in her views and knowledge of the dating scene and about people making dating mistakes, and things like that.
    I liked her as a person, not what she does.
    I like people with strong opinions and passion.
    It’s better than someone who’s always sitting on the fence about things.
    When it comes to opinion, I’d rather be considered wrong than boring.

  8. Steve Says:

    lol… ic, you like her as a person… You did hear the part where she says she would never accept an overweight client, right. But then again, you probably liked that she said it with so much ‘passion.’

  9. Peter Levin Says:

    Very Interesting :)

    Actually what she is talking about make sense. She knows what she is doing, which is good.

    The only problem I have is personality of Janis. I never heard of her, but it seems to me that she is missing simple respect for people.

    I like to be honest too, and I tell my friends if I think something I don’t like, because I care about them and If my friend fat I tell him that and he knows that I care. Here I do not feel respect for people in general from her.

    Samantha, I think you cool, but you interrupting conversation a lot of times during the interview, it is a little annoying. I like the idea of your show and telling that, so you can improve if you think it worth it.

    Good Luck

  10. Matthew Hale Says:

    I feel that I’m in the majority when I say that the guest was horrible. I can honestly say that what she does in her business is completely opposite of every good marriage I know about. I realize that she is going to do whatever is good for business and clearly business is good because there is no shortage of men looking for hot women.

    That being said, I still think this is a great show. All of the other guests have been better than this and if you can get more people like Peter Greenberg the show will do great. Al Roker will be a good guest and I bet he will even drink some wine. He might even know how to taste it properly.

  11. Paul Says:

    I think that you commenters have a couple of good directional points. Good tips that will help the output improve.

    Some of the points however need to be mentioned. I agree that the subject matter is as boring as bat shit but I figure that in these early days, guests are not always able to be scheduled so wonderfully.

    I think Gary knows this particular episode is a bit short on cool but I think personally attacking the host like Darren did, is weak, lame and very un New York. Darren - your a wanker. Get back to “The View” and take your goggles off.

    Anyway. I think

    1. Try and get more vibrant passionate people that are groundbreaking. (Peter Alexander Pyjama Guy as an example or Carson Cresley or The guy who runs Pro Blogger or a passionate chef or look at TED or get a hot upcoming fashion designer or some internet entreprenuer)

    2. Shorten the gig to 10 minutes per guest.

    3. Go on location, as I think its more exciting.

    4. Try and break the “daytime tv” feeling.

    5. Get Samantha asking some tougher questions or a few more quirky ones.

    Thats me

    Note: Darren - your still a loud mouth wanker :-)

  12. Dean Says:

    Good Grief there are a lot of bitter, annoyed and grumpy comments here for this episode. Mrs. Spindel obviously can rub people the wrong way–but you folks are not her clients. I suspect that she is pretty spot on as far as what her clients are looking for as she has become quite succesful doing what she does. - and yes, “men are pigs” and beauty, brains, body, and balance seems to be what they are looking for like it or not…I will say she certainly has a very direct personality–not much Southern charm there… and BTW, I think Samantha and Gary do a great job!

  13. Tiffanie Says:

    I think Janis has a great business, but like any good business woman she sets herself up for success and isn’t surprised when she gets it. Would she be one of my good friends? No, she’s arrogant and offered no useful advice to the many average singles looking for a mate out there in today’s competitive market. She was a bit droll, and I felt the interview could have been done in 10 -15 min. rather than the full allotted time. It dragged on a bit.

  14. Jacqui W Says:

    I guess Janis would rather match up Barbie and Ken style people instead of the rest of us–who can blame her? But really, I can’t really see the widespread appeal of interviewing people like her week after week. Like previous commenters have said, it would be much for refreshing to see people that are passionate about something a little deeper. Artistic people, maybe someone into a nonprofit organization or someone with a fulfilling career? People with more dimension are going to be so much more fun to watch.

  15. Emily S. Says:

    I recommended @obsessedtv today on twitter and I’m kind of regretting my decision b/c this is now the first video. I recommended you guys based on seeing Lisa Stone and Peter Greenberg (who was also a strong personality, but had more pith in his content). Lisa has by far been the best — I’d love to see more geeky, trailblazing guests and less daytime TV-type guests.

    If the Gary segment stays, guests need to have personalities that don’t override his. I love both Samantha and Gary and want to see guests who complement them, not walk all over them!

    Dare to be a different kind of talk show. :) You guys can pull it off!

  16. Joe G. Says:

    I’ve got to agree with the tone of most of the comments here, this woman is horrible. She screams L.A. shallowness to the gills. If I were in a room with her I would find an excuse to leave. She may be right about some stuff but I also think she is full of s**t about a lot of her claims. There were a lot of things she never backed up, like how many divorces happen amongst her matches. She just assumed she’d hear about it…not buying it. I also loved how the host or Gary mentioned her 800 some marriages in the conversation and she immediately had to correct them with the exact number. How full of yourself could you be? And that little rant how she was a hottie when she was young and how her husband does, and should, worship her…WOW.

    Anyway, Gary if your reading, I like the idea of this site. I wish it were more oriented towards people I could see you hanging out with (or myself, or anyone). People that truly are inspiring, or interesting, or doing something great. For example watching your speaking sessions at conventions where we get to see the entrepeneur side of you and others making waves online, or even Cramer on WLTV. Very intersting, and even though he got reamed on Daily show I still like the guy. I could see sitting a table with him over wine, and isn’t that kind of what this site is about?

    Oh, and the pink color makes the site feel like the Oprah show, please change :).

    That being said this was my first video watched here and I’m hoping the others are better (a quick glance says ‘yes’), good luck!

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  18. Joellen Mccasland Says:

    Since seperating from my longterm fiance before Xmas I have been trying out casual dating websites and experiencing meeting lots of people.

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