Samantha Ettus interviews Founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar Dylan Lauren

The daughter of clothing designer Ralph Lauren, Dylan Lauren is now a full-fledged lifestyle entrepreneur in her own right as the Founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar, the country’s leading destination for everything sweet.  Dylan has appeared on Oprah and numerous media outlets including the covers of Town & Country and Hamptons Magazine.


19 Responses to “Samantha Ettus interviews Founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar Dylan Lauren”

  1. Nice Jewish Girl Says:

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Dylan’s Candy Bar and now I’m a fan of Dylan too! I really enjoyed hearing her speak about her experience as an entrepreneur. Thanks for bringing us this great interview!

  2. daniel kenney Says:

    Hey Samantha, first of all awesome idea for a show, very excited to follow your progress…and loved the interview with Dylan, great chance to learn more about her..thanks and keep up the great work. Dan

  3. Stephanie Scott Says:

    I LOVE Dylan’s Candy Bar. This was a great interview. Excellent choice!

  4. Jonathan Gunson Says:

    Hi Samantha

    Watched the ‘Candy’ show. ‘Obsessed’ sure is the word.

    Dylan Lauren knocked me out with the “Nostalgia Candy” niche idea. Very, very clever.

    This looks like the beginning of something big.

    Huge fan of Gary Vaynerchuk. His tech / vid guy Matt helped me a lot with my own TV show. One day I’ll be as big a Gary, and you :)

    Best wishes.



  5. Zeljko Dakic Says:

    I watch all of my shows in Miro and would like if you could format this show in a way that would enable it. I understand it might require extra bandwidth, still this way people don’t have to remember to visit the site, show just comes to them. Like the show so far.

  6. JULIE BROWN Says:


  7. Supa Says:

    Great show! Loved hearing about how she built and views her candy business. Who doesn’t like candy right?

  8. Michele Says:

    Try SF. Great Interview.

  9. Ana F Says:

    Who’s not ‘Obsessed’ with candy, specially Dylan’s Candy Bar? Dylan You “crushed it” with the “Nostalgia Candy”… gr8 idea :) Keep up the good “candy” work!

  10. Mandee Says:

    Wow- what a fabulous interview! Move over Oprah- here comes Samantha!!

  11. jadito Says:

    Paul you are lucky!Dylan is smart/fun/cute/rich but she will end up marrying me!

  12. Sassy Says:

    I am OBSESSED with your show! Such a fantastic idea and excellent execution. Your interview with Dylan Lauren was very interesting. The talk about the gummies lead me to a sugar binge, but it was worth it. Great job and best of luck!

  13. Ana M. Says:

    I have a sweet tooth (teeth? since I really love candies?) and when I visited NYC one time and found this, I was definitely a kid in a candy store! I love Dylan’s Candy Bar! Dylan is also so inspirational in her interview, she’s really nice! She has a good balance of life, business, and other. Amazing!

  14. Aixia Burstiner Says:

    I loved this interview! Dylan was so natural and you can hear the passion she has for her business and her art.

    Great Job ObsessedTV!

  15. JOEYdaMUSH Says:

    Dylan is cool as heck.

  16. Rosy Villa Says:

    Hola Samantha, catching up on some old interviews. Lovely interview with Dylan Lauren, she Rocks! Hard working woman, that’s inspiring! :)

  17. Another Day in New York with More Great Food, Candy, and Destinations. | GetToKnowTheCEO Says:

    [...] Here’s an great interview with the founder of Dylan Candy Bar. [...]

  18. Elsa Says:

    Wow…great interview. Love Dylan! Her story is so inspiring. Great show. Had a great time and also learned so much.

  19. Loralee Nevius Says:

    amazing, this is such a great website!!!!!

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